Our Approach

We believe that in order to build outstanding neighborhood schools, we first need to provide excellent support and development to all of our educators - based on more than a decade of experience and learning at the Relay Graduate School of Education. We couple our high-quality teacher and leadership development programs with a research-based curricula, a proven instructional model, and thoughtful school operations to create joyful schools that are preparing all students to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college.

Teaching with Research-Based Curricula

Relay Lab Schools implements research-based curricula in all subjects and thoroughly trains and supports our teachers in the teaching of that curricula. Teachers get three weeks of summer professional development time, where they learn the ins and outs of the curricula and get multiple days of practice delivering it. Relay Lab Schools teachers also receive 3 hours of professional development time each week to internalize upcoming lessons, analyze data, and prepare.

Using Data to Get Results

We collect important student achievement and progress data regularly from our students—student work products, literacy and math benchmark assessments, exit tickets—and we use it to personalize instruction every day in each classroom. Teachers use this data to meet their students where they are academically and push them to new heights.

Developing and Supporting Teachers

We know that our teachers are key to our students’ success. We also know that great teachers are made, not born. That’s why we support them with regular classroom observations and feedback meetings. Everyone in our schools is constantly asking, “What can I do to better serve my students?” We are all focused on doing anything necessary to support our students on their paths to college and beyond.

Developing and Growing Leaders

We know that one of the keys to developing strong teachers is developing strong school leaders. That’s why our principals and aspiring instructional leaders are enrolled in Relay’s National Principals Academy program, and are provided with best-in-class professional development and support. School leaders meet with their coaches and managers weekly, and Relay Lab Schools conducts regular walk-throughs of schools to help calibrate each leader’s ability to coach and develop teachers.